Thursday, February 18, 2010

Asking the hard questions (2)

The Primitive Methodist movement has come and gone, but what would it look like if God raised up such a movement today?

Here is the second of my answers to that question.

It will be a preaching movement

Preachers will be characterised by bold, powerful, pointed and effective preaching.

  1. Preaching will be in the public space, the modern equivalent of the market-place or farmer’s field. It seems to me that our modern public space is both real and virtual (such as the Internet, or the blogosphere).

  2. Preaching will be bold, clearly proclaiming the gospel in the public space.

  3. Preaching will be powerful. Preachers preach with authority.

  4. Preaching will be pointed. The preacher will make his or her point that leaves the hearer with a challenge or choice to make.

  5. Preaching will be effective. Preaching will speak to the heart. The object of preaching is not to inform, but to transform, not to educate but to cause change in the listeners. It will result in changed lives. People will be visibly moved by the preaching of the gospel. Tears may flow, people will cry out for God, others may even fall to the ground in response.

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