Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Asking the hard questions (3)

The Primitive Methodist movement has come and gone, but what would it look like if God raised up such a movement today?

Here is the third of my answers to that question.

It will be a courageous movement

The men and women of the movement will be courageous in the face of opposition. Persecution strengthens a movement of God. Opposition will come from all kinds of places.

    1. One area could be the equivalent of the “mob”, or those who are ignorant or simply prejudiced. The mob are unafraid to use violence, threats, intimidation, and physical force to oppose the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. People, preachers and leaders of the movement will be harassed and threatened, or even physically assaulted.

    2. A second source of opposition could be the legal system. People, preachers and leaders will be arrested, to face spurious charges, fines, and even prison. It may be the lot of many a preacher to go to jail.

    3. Other church groups and denominations will oppose the movement. The movement will be reviled, and “spoken against” by many who represent the religious status quo. The movement will be seen as breaking the religious rules.

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