Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why I am writing about Primitive Methodism (part two)

I believe that what God did two hundred years ago, he can do now. Society and culture may change but the message of the gospel and the problems of human nature do not.

A casual reading of a daily newspaper confronts us with the reality of the challenges and evils of our generation. We read of senseless carnage on our roads caused by speed and alcohol, binge drinking, domestic violence, murder, racism, uncontrolled anger, stories of theft and embezzlement motivated by greed and desperation, social problems caused by drugs, and of families torn apart by relationship breakdown, and the pain of divorce. The list is depressingly endless.

Over the centuries the underlying problems of the human heart remain. The cause, the problem of sin, is universal, in every generation and in every country and culture. It is my conviction that God is still in the business of reconciling people whose lives are broken and fractured, and bringing them into right relationship with Him.

In short, He is still in the business of changing the condition of the human heart.

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