Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jesus, apprentices and Primitive Methodists

Then Jesus went around teaching from village to village. Calling the Twelve to him, he sent them out two by two and gave them authority over evil spirits. (Mark 6:6-7)

Jesus used the apprenticeship training model with his disciples. That is

  1. He showed them how to do ministry

  2. He sent them out two by two to copy ministry they had seen and experienced

  3. The disciples reported back to Jesus

Jesus is the model for our training of disciples. Today we tend to send people to Bible college or theological college. What we most need is disciples who have spent time with Jesus and learn under supervision, who have seen ministry in action. Theological training happens best when used with an apprenticeship model.

If we are to raise an army of lay leaders like the Primitive Methodists, then we need to train them on-the-job, as disciple – apprentices.

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