Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reflections from a lighthouse

Several months ago we spent a few days on the Bellarine Peninsula. Whilst we were there we visited Fort Queenscliff, and joined a tour.

This included information about the lighthouse. From this lighthouse, the tour guide noted, the light can be seen some 20km out at sea, way beyond the Heads of Port Phillip Bay, to provide shipping a reference point when coming through the Heads. What surprised me though, it that the lamp itself is only a 100 watt bulb, of equivalent power to a domestic light bulb.

What gives the lamp its reach and makes it effective, is the strategic position, on top of the lighthouse, together with the reflectors behind it that amplify the light. One little lamp is able to shine out of all proportion to its innate capacity.

That lamp is in the position of maximum effectiveness. It seems to me that this is a metaphor for us, as followers of Christ. Our lives are limited, in terms of what one person can do or achieve, or a mere 100 watts, if you prefer. Yet when we are in that place of maximum effectiveness, God by His Spirit, can use our lives to reflect His light, for His glory, far in excess of we think is possible.

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  1. Hi Dave,
    What a great picture. I have just read of Crossway missionaries, who are having some success with chursch planting in Bihar, in Northern India. Just doing na littel- but God can give great growth. Our pastor also just said today,- what is your next step? Just a step at time; although some strategy helps.

    Blessings David Everard