Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why the Greens make me see red

Australia has a federal election on 21 August. There is the distinct possibility that the Greens may end up holding the balance of power in the Senate. In addition the ALP have a preference deal with the Greens. It is in this context that the ideology of the Greens and their specific policies should be understood, and in my opinion, be a cause of great concern to Christians.

Cardinal George Pell has publically stated that he is concerned about the Greens gaining the balance of power in the next Senate. He states bluntly "Their program is explicitly anti-Christian".

In 1996, Bob Brown co authored with Peter Singer a book called The Greens, which sets out their philosophical outlook. Peter Singer is the well-known atheist and utilitarian philosopher who supports animal liberation, abortion to term, euthanasia, and in general seeks to overturn the Judeo-Christian ethical foundation of our western society. He also gives qualified support for infanticide. Whilst not necessarily in agreement with Singer on all points, Greens leader Bob Brown nevertheless supports abortion and right-to-die legislation.

At the policy level, the Greens are a mixed bag. There is apparently no family policy, which is conspicuous by its absence. The omission of a policy on the family as the basic building block of our society is telling. On the other hand, they have strong policies on sexuality and gender. They promote same sex marriage and seek to give a range of relationships the same rights as heterosexual marriage.

Their education policies are also an area of great concern. Angela Shanahan writes that The Greens “under the banner of inclusiveness have caved into to the entire gay agenda. Their education policies include giving the state power to give children the ‘right’ to ideological education on ‘alternative’ sexuality.” The Greens would remove exemptions on anti-discrimination laws forcing teachers in Christian schools to teach material with which they disagree.

Writing in Viewpoint magazine, Angela Shanahan warns that “Christians should beware of the lure of the Greens”. (You can read the full article by downloading View Point magazine “Greens: Balance of Power?”).

It is my prayer that in the lead up to this election we will see the candidates, the parties and their policies in their true colours, enabling us to make a fully informed vote.

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