Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Asking very interesting questions

For some years now astronomers, physicists and cosmologists have been asking big questions about the origin of the universe and life on earth. Rather than simply asking how things came to be they are asking why things are the way they are. The why questions cause them to ask God questions.

Here are two books that are well worth reading.

1. The Goldilocks Enigma: Why Is the Universe Just Right for Life?

By Paul Davies, a physicist and cosmologist.

If any of the basic features of the universe, from the properties of atoms to the distribution of the galaxies, were different, life would probably be impossible.? (page 2)

"... a bio-friendly universe looks like a fix - or a 'put-up job', to use the pithy description of the late British cosmologist Fred Hoyle. It appeared to Hoyle as if a super-intellect had been 'monkeying' with the laws of physics ... On the face of it, the universe does look as if it has been designed by an intelligent creator expressly for the purpose of spawing sentient beings" (page 3)

Here is the Amazon link

2. Just Six Numbers

By Martin Rees (Royal Society Research Professor at Cambridge University)

Sir Martin Rees delves into the numbers behind the forces that govern the universe, explaining how delicately balanced they are. He identifies six numbers.

"These six numbers constitute a 'recipe' for a universe. Moreover, the outcome is sensitive to their values: if any one of them were to be 'untuned' there would be no stars and no life.Is this tuning just a brute fact, a coincidence? Or is it the providence of a benign Creator?" (page 4)

Here is the Amazon link

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