Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We need heroes not celebrities

I have many heroes. Among them are Winston Churchill, the leader of Britain during WWII, John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, and William Wilberforce, who fought against slavery. Others are less well known, but they are my heroes of the Primitive Methodist movement. They are people such as:

  • Hugh Bourne – the chief founder of the movement

  • William Clowes – the “apostle Paul” of the movement, who was their lead missionary and evangelist

  • Thomas Russell – a courageous preacher who overcame persecution, adversity and personal tradegy

  • Sarah Kirkland – the first female “travelling preacher”, an effective evangelist who was instrumental in the Nottingham revival of 1816-17

  • John Benton – a highly passionate evangelist who could hardly construct a grammatically correct sentence

It seems to me that we don't need more celebrities in our modern day culture, we need more heroes like these men and women of faith.

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