Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drifting is easy

Drift can be spelt A.B.C.D. Here are four possible causes of spiritual drift.

A – Apathy

It’s so easy to become casual and go with the flow and let the daily discipline of time with God fall by the wayside. So we say to ourselves “I can’t be bothered today”.

B – Busyness

There is so much in life that just has to be done. We have to work and earn our daily bread. Children need to be got ready for school, and our family and friends need time. In the rough and tumble of everyday life, especially when we are under time pressure, one of the first things to go is voluntary time set aside to listen to God or read the Bible.

C – Comfort

God wants us to be comforted, that is to experience divine comfort, but he does not want us to be comfortable. The old saying remains true today “that the role of pastoral leaders is to comfort the afflicted … and to afflict the comfortable”. For some of us the challenge is to move out of the comfort zone.

D – Distraction

The world is full of things to grab our attention. In fact the media is designed to do just that. So T.V., Facebook, Twitter, and the like all compete for our time. It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong in these things, but they can steal our time.

The Primitive Methodists were zealous and passionate in their faith. They maintained their spiritual fervour in part through dynamic times of prayer and praise to God. We have much to learn from them.

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