Friday, November 5, 2010

A short story about life

Where are the most extreme abortion laws in the Western world? Where can the horrific Partial Birth Abortion procedure be practised? Where can unborn babies be aborted up to full term? Answer: right here in Victoria.

In the video, Melissa Ohden, a survivor of a failed abortion compares the situation in the U.S. with that here in Victoria. There is a significant gap between the practices in the U.S. and here. We are far worse.

In 2008 the Brumby government passed the Abortion Law reform act. This includes the following

1. Abortion up to birth is allowed
2. Partial Birth Abortion is allowed
(this is partially delivering a live baby using forceps by its feet, then killing the baby before it is fully delivered)
3. A Doctor’s freedom of conscience is denied
4. No independent counselling is provided

This happening here, now. Be aware. Be informed. Know what your candidate thinks about this issue for the state election.

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