Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year for 2011

May I wish you a truly happy and blessed New Year?

As we begin 2011 with it's challenges and opportunities, here is a selection of posts from my blog in 2010.

What if the church met in a pub? Just suppose the church met in a pub. What name would you call it? The name would have to be quintessentially English. Here are six suggestions. You may like to add more.

How the Primitive Methodists sent a missionary to Australia and New Zealand

Methodist church 'prepared to go out of existence' Is the Methodist church in England coming to the end of the line?

On getting to heaven ... a children's story

Reflections from a lighthouse - how a powerful can one individual life be?

Simple Gospel or Social Gospel? Liberal theology is alive and well today.

The story of Willie Wilkinson, the Duke of Cleveland and the Agent ... or the butler is more fierce than the king

Practicing a shout Church planters in the Western suburbs of Melbourne put a Primitive Methodist shout into action.

Paris Hilton and Primitive Methodism What is the connection between Paris and Primitive Methodism?

We need heroes not celebrities A reflection on our obsession with celebrity culture.

Drifting is easy - Drift can be spelt A.B.C.D. Here are four possible causes of spiritual drift.

Six trends emerging in 2010 The Barna research report for 2010 makes challenging reading for church leaders. The report identifies six crucial themes.

By the rivers of Babylon - a reflection on the contribution of Boney M after the death of lead singer, Bobby Farrell.

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