Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What UK evangelicals think

Recent research by the UK Evangelical Alliance discovers some interesting facts.

The survey of 17,000 people gives an insight into the beliefs, opinions and habits of evangelical Christians in the UK. Respondents were asked a range of questions on topics like belief in miracles, abortion, the Bible and sex before marriage.

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  • Whilst the survey affirms distinctive characteristics, there is divergence and uncertainty in a number of areas

  • The issue over which there is greatest uncertainty is the reality of hell. 37% of evangelicals strongly agree that hell is a place where the condemned will suffer eternal conscious pain.

  • There is a spectrum of opinions on other issues such as abortion, assisted suicide and homosexuality

  • The percentage of those who read or listen to the Bible everyday goes up markedly after the age of 44 (of whom only 38% read or listen to the Bible everyday)

Here is the full survey

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