Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A powerful gospel

The message proclaimed and preached by the Primitive Methodist pioneers was powerful in its effect.

One such preacher was John Wedgwood, who was the first Primitive Methodist to be imprisoned for open-air preaching in 1817. So powerful was the preaching of Wedgwood and his fellow pioneers that their hearers would sometimes fall to the ground, asking God for mercy.

On one occasion in 1819 when back at Tunstall, the home base for the whole movement, a group of “mourners” were on the ground “crying out for mercy”, in response to Wedgwood’s preaching. Mourners were those who were wrestling with their grief over sin. As a general rule, new converts experienced the process of such mourning, before they came to freedom as new believers in Christ.

On this occasion, a respectable man stood aloof watching the proceedings remarking with considerable disdain “Before I would demean myself as these people are doing there, I would have my hand cut off.”

Soon he too was on the ground crying earnestly for mercy like the rest.[1]

What would happen if the gospel had similar effect today?

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[1] The Primitive Methodist Connexion: Its Background and early history, pp, 112-113

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