Monday, June 27, 2011

Summary of posts

Here is a summary from my blog of the posts for May and June. In June we developed a prototype "Shout-O-Meter" to measure the decibels during a Primitive Methodist shout during a prayer meeting.

I am continuing to work on my book "Turning the World Upside Down - lessons from the Primitive Methodist movement". I'm getting initial estimates from printers.

Shout-O-Meter The first prototype to measure spiritual effectiveness (just for fun)!

How does your garden grow? A brief overview of two methods of growth - budding and offshoots

Multiplication by budding - as used in the "Branch" system

Method 2: Multiplication by offshoots (seedlings) - as used in Circuit Missions

Multiplication by seeds

It is more blessed to give than to receive - quotations from rich philanthropists

Jubilee Church celebrations - reflections on Chewton Jubilee Church 150 year anniversary

On this day ... two hundred years ago the first membership tickets were issued

On this day … two hundred years ago in May 1811, Hugh Bourne’s Camp Meeting Methodists and William Clowes’ group (the Clowesites) join forces

What’s in a name? There may be two names for a movement. One they choose and another chosen by outsiders

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