Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Four obstacles to transformation (2)

The Barna Group surveys religious belief and opinions in an American context. George Barna has identified four significant obstacles to spiritual transformation for self-identified Christians in the United States.

The obstacles to transformation are

  • Commitment

  • Repentance

  • Activity

  • Spiritual Community

Obstacle 2: Repentance

  • Most (64%) state that they have confessed their sins to God and asked for His forgiveness

  • Evidence is quite clear that relatively few are serious about abandoning the lure of sin and handing total control of their life to God

  • Research found that only one out of every eight (12%) admitted that recognizing and grasping the significance of their sins had been so personally devastating that it caused them to crash emotionally

  • Only about 3% have come to the final stops on the transformational journey – devoting themselves to loving and serving God and other people

Next obstacle: Activity

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