Thursday, September 22, 2011

Four obstacles to transformation (4)

The Barna Group surveys religious belief and opinions in an American context. George Barna has identified four significant obstacles to spiritual transformation for self-identified Christians in the United States.
The obstacles to transformation are

1. Commitment

2. Repentance

3. Activity

4. Spiritual Community

Obstacle 4: Spiritual Community

  • Most feel comfortable and connected within their church

  • However, there is not much vulnerability and accountability occurring within the context of those connections.

  • Many do not take their faith community seriously, as a place to which they should be open and held to biblical principles.

  • Only one out of every five believes that spiritual maturity requires a vital connection to a community of faith.

  • Only one-third claim to have confessed their sins verbally to another believer at some point during the past quarter

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