Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can God use me? (Part 4)

What sort of people does God use?

I am answering the question by looking at five examples of different people from significantly diverse backgrounds and cultures. My first three examples were Moses, the ageing shepherd, Saul, the violent persecutor and Hugh Bourne, co-founder of the Primitive Methodists.

My next example is William Clowes (1780 – 1851).

William Clowes was born in Burslem, in the English midlands, the centre of the pottery making industry. Like many other children, he had a limited education, starting work at the age of ten, making pottery for his uncle.

In his youth he led a decadent lifestyle marked by drunkenness, swearing and violence. He was often involved in fights and sometimes had bruises all over his body. He wasted money on alcohol and gambling and ran into debt.

He was outgoing by nature, and in many ways was the “life and soul of the party”. He was also a successful dancer and always seemed to gather a crowd, wherever he went. He had a magnetic personality that drew people to him. He was definitely an extrovert.

God uses all sorts.

William Clowes became the apostle, leading evangelist and missionary pioneer of the Primitive Methodist movement, much like the apostle Paul. Known as apostolic Clowes, he preached in the open-air to vast crowds and saw many men and women come to faith in Christ.

God used this extroverted young man to reach a particular social class, those on the lowest rungs of the English class system, the poor working classes to bring the transforming message of the gospel.

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