Monday, February 23, 2015

What we are learning in Australia from Primitive Methodism - part 3

Praxeis is a movement based in Melbourne with a vision to reach the nation of Australia. Here is the third way that we are learning from the Primitive Methodists.

We are learning to shout

Shouting is a biblical form of worship. Many of the psalms exhort us to shout to the Lord (e.g. Psalm 100). It is a powerful way of praying. The early Primitive Methodists often had a shout as part of their prayer meetings, which were often so noisy that they were asked if God was deaf. Here in Melbourne, we have a shout at the end of an early morning prayer meeting each Saturday. On another occasion we had a loud shout with about eighty people present. After twenty minutes of shouting, it was followed by an awesome silence.

Shouting is simply praying out loud, where everyone prays in a loud voice together. We are learning that a shout is a valid form of prayer and worship, sadly neglected in our contemporary church.

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