Monday, March 2, 2015

What we are learning from the Primitive Methodists - Part four

This is the last in the series of four reflections on what we are learning from the Primitive Methodists, in an Australian context, through Praxeis.

We are learning to reach the whole nation

Like the Primitive Methodists, we seek to make followers of Jesus (disciples) in the “harvest fields” of the people of this nation. John Benton was a pioneer and Travelling Preacher, who believed that Primitive Methodism should be allowed to go through the whole of England. He had a passion for the nation.

In Praxeis we are grappling with the Great Commission of Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations (Mattthew 28:19). For us this means the vast continent of Australia and the nations beyond. We are sending evangelists into the harvest fields of this nation of Australia. So far we have workers in places as diverse as Alice Springs, Perth, Melbourne, Western Sydney and regional Queensland, working with Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, as well as indigenous Australians and secular Australians.

Here is a video clip of Ron and Paula Turner, who are committed to the people of outback Queensland, an area larger than France and Belgium combined. Their talk is called

 Missions in the Madness: Clueless with Expectations.

Please pray for us in Australia. One of the early Dutch explorers called this country “The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit”. Pray that this prophetic word will be fulfilled, and that the Spirit of God will move across our nation, just as Primitive Methodism did two hundred years ago in England.

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