Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rules for Holy Living

Here is the guidance given by Hugh Bourne to those who attended the open-air Camp Meeting in 1808 during the early beginnings of the Primitive Methodist movement. We have much to learn from this wisdom two hundred years later, especially given the level of Biblical illiteracy today.

Rule 1. - Endeavour to rise early in the morning, for this is most healthful. Spend some time in private prayer ; give yourself with all your concerns up to God ; and if possible get the family together before going to work, pray with them, and for them, and recommend them to God.

2. - While at work lift up your heart to God, and if possible get a little time in private once or twice a day to kneel before God.

3. - At night be sure to get the family together on their knees, pray with them, and for them; before going to bed spend some time on your knees, and pour out your soul before God, and remember God is present. Psalm cxxxix.

4 .- If you are able, read a chapter or part of a chapter in the Bible every day.

5. - If you are not born again pray for God to show you the need of it:

6. - As ye have received the Lord Jesus so walk in Him.

7. - On the Sabbath attend public worship as often as possible; avoid buying or selling, or talking about worldly business, or doing any work that is unnecessary. Be sure to shave and clean shoes before Sunday, and be as much afraid of sin as of burning fire.

8. - If the Lord call you to any public exercise, to assist in a Sunday School, He will give you wisdom and patience.

9. - Now play the man, be strong, never mind being reproached for Christ.

Quoted in "The Life of the Venerable Hugh Bourne", by Jesse Ashworth, 1888, page 26

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